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2018-10-15[2018-10-15] Huang CC, Progressing Today, "Blockchain DApp Introduction - Make a blockchain “SCAM” game" 344
2018-10-08[2018-10-08] Sephi Shapira, Kevin CH Lee, Roy Luo, escapex, "Escape to Decentralized Social Media" 318
2018-08-24[2018-08-30] Prof. Kaushik Roy, Purdue University,“Re-Engineering Computing with Neuro-Inspired Learning: Devices, Circuits, and Systems”307
2018-07-10[2018-07-10] Dr Mari Ostendorf, University of Washington,” Building a Socialbot: Lessons Learned from 10M Conversations”439
2018-06-27[2018-07-10] Dr. Sun-Yuan Kung, Princeton University,” On A Novel Machine Learning Paradigm: MIND-Net”454
2018-06-19[2018-07-02] Dr. Yuguang "Michael" Fang , University of Florida, Beef Up the Edge: How to Build a More Powerful IoT System”450
2018-06-12[2018-07-09] Dr. Le Song, Georgia Institute of Technology, “Reinforcement Learning as Saddle Points”455
2018-05-15[2018-05-28] HSU, RUEI-HAU, Scientist, Data Storage Institute, Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) ,” Internet-of-Things Attacks in Practice and Reconfigurable Security based on Edge”382
2017-12-15[2017-12-15] Prof. Yiran Chen, Duke University ,"Running sparse and low-precision neural networks: when algorithm meets hardware”517
2017-08-11[2017-08-21] Prof. Sam H. Noh,Ulsan National Institute of Science & Technology,” So What’s NECSST in the World of Nonvolatile Memory”658
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