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2019-12-23[2019-12-31] Mr. Greg Yang, Microsoft Research AI, "Building Provably Robust Image Classifiers via Randomized Smoothing and Adversarial Training"232
2019-12-23[2020-01-03] Prof. Lydia Y. Chen, Delft University of Technology, "Machine Learning for Resource Management"198
2019-12-18[2019-12-20] Dr. Shao-Yi Chien (簡韶逸), Founder and CEO, Ganzin Technology; Professor, National Taiwan University, "See the Wonders: Eye Tracking as a Natural User Interface in AR/VR"202
2019-12-17[2019-12-27] 游家鑫博士, CMUH (中國醫藥大學) AI 創新中心主任, "Data Analytics Series: Knowledge Graph Applications in Healthcare"179
2019-12-09[2019-12-27] Prof. Yuguang "Michael" Fang, University of Florida, "Vehicles as a Service (VaaS): The Convergence of Communications, Computing, Storage and Intelligence (CCSI)"176
2019-12-09[2019-12-30] Prof. Jason D. Lee, Princeton University, "Beyond Linearization in Neural Networks"167
2019-12-05[2020-01-03] Prof. Hung-Wei Tseng, University of California, Riverside, "Programming in the dark silicon era"140
2019-12-03[2019-12-06] 姚木川先生, 普匯金融科技CEO, "擁抱AI創新金融科技攜手共創新局"179
2019-11-28[2019-12-13] Dr. Nai-Hui Chia, UT Austin, "The capabilities and limits of quantum algorithms"206
2019-11-27[2019-12-27] 黃士傑博士, DeepMind, "我與DeepMind的A.I.研究之路, My A.I. Journey with DeepMind"357
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