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2019-05-21[2019-05-24] 彭瑋玉部長, 富邦人壽資訊服務處科技研發部, "數據智能及金融科技於人壽保險之產品研發暨深化應用"183
2019-05-15[2019-05-24] Prof. Marc Levoy, Stanford University and Google Research, "HDR+, portrait mode, Super Res Zoom, Night Sight: computational photography and machine learning on Google's smartphones" (English Speech)219
2019-05-10[2019-06-04] Dr. Weihua Zhuang, University of Waterloo, "Service Provisioning in 5G Communication Networks"205
2019-05-07[2019-05-30] Prof. Zachary Chase Lipton, Carnegie Mellon University, "Deep Learning Under Distribution Shift"197
2019-04-30[2019-05-10] Prof. Zlatan Damnjanovic, University of Southern California, "On Thinking about Numbers, Computationally"208
2019-04-29[2019-05-17] Ms. Wei-Fen Lin, Computer Architect and VP of Engineering, Skymizer Taiwan Inc., 208
2019-04-26[2019-05-16] Prof. Yuguang “Michael” Fang, University of Florida, "Connected Vehicles Make Cities Smarter: Communications, Computing, Storage, and Intelligence"167
2019-04-22[2019-04-25] Dr. Peter Yu (俞冠廷), XYZ Robotics, "Perception and Tooling for Robot Manipulation"181
2019-04-22[2019-05-03] Dr. Rachata Ausavarungnirun, Carnegie Mellon University, "High-performance Memory Hierarchy Design for Throughput Processors"148
2019-04-10[2019-04-19] 王城聰科長、溫鈺瑋助理襄理, 玉山銀行, "智能金融@玉山-AI Inside, Human Outside"158
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