【2010-11-23】From Computer Vision to Visual Intelligence

Poster:Post date:2010-11-16

Title: From Computer Vision to Visual Intelligence
Ming-Ching Chang
Time: 14:20-15:30, Nov 23 (Tue), 2010
Place: Room 105, CSIE Building

In this talk I will briefly cover what I have learned in computer vision and what I envision in visual intelligence. This includes my Ph.D. work on symmetry-based shape representation ("the shocks") in computer vision at Brown University, which constitutes the first part of my talk. The second part of my talk is an overview of the recent works on intelligent video analysis from the Visualization and Computer Vision (VCV) Lab. at the GE Global Research Center. Through brief demos and interactive discussions I wish to connect the path that I envision from the development of computer vision to the active, developing area of visual intelligence.


Ming-Ching Chang received the B.S. degree in civil engineering in 1996 and the M.S. degree in computer science and information engineering in 1998, both from the
National Taiwan University (Tapei, Taiwan). He has been a research assistant in the Mechanical Industry Research Laboratories, Industrial Technology Research Institute (Taiwan). He then worked as a research assistant in the Laboratory for Engineering Man/Machine Systems at Brown University and received his Ph.D. degree in engineering in 2008. He is currently a computer scientist in the Visualization and Computer Vision lab. at the GE Global Research Center, Niskayuna, NY, USA. Dr. Chang has published more than 20 international journal and  conference papers. He is a member of Sigma Xi and IEEE. He has been an active reviewer of mainstream journals and conferences. His research interests include computer vision, intelligent video analysis, and medical imaging.

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