【2010-10-29】"Sometimes Less is More": Exploring Disclosures Abstractions in Location-Aware Social Applications (English talk)

Poster:Post date:2010-10-18

Title: "Sometimes Less is More": Exploring Disclosures Abstractions in Location-Aware Social Applications
Dr. Karen Tang (CMU)
Time: 14:20, Oct 29 (Fri), 2010
Place: Room 103, CSIE Building

In the past few years, there has been increasing interest in deploying location-sharing applications (LSAs) that enable users to continuously sense, collect, and share their location information with others. Yet, despite all the attention LSAs are receiving, studies have found that only a small percentage of mobile consumers actively use these services. One often-cited adoption barrier is that many LSAs do not adequately address end-user privacy concerns for sharing location data. In this talk, I will describe several studies I have done to explore how relatively simple privacy techniques (namely using location disclosure abstractions) can help address end-user privacy concerns at four different stages: how users reason about location sharing, how users configure their privacy preferences, how users interpret visual representations of their location information, and what kinds of outcomes can be expected from users that share location abstractions.

Karen Tang is a Ph.D. candidate at the Human-Computer Interaction Institute (HCII) in the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. She is advised by Jason Hong and Dan Siewiorek. Her recent research has focused on building and evaluating usable privacy mechanisms for mobile social systems, and in particular location-aware applications. In the past, her work has been supported by an Intel PhD Fellowship, an AT&T PhD Fellowship, as well as a Northrop Grumman scholarship. She graduated with honors from Princeton University in 2002, receiving a B.S.E. degree in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Computer Science. In the past, she has also worked at Intel Labs Seattle, AT&T Labs Research, and Microsoft.

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