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MS Program Requirements (2006)

MS Program Requirements (for students entering from 2006)
  1. Advisors
    1. Each student must have a full-time faculty member of the department as his or her advisor.
    2. Each student must find an advisor by the end of the first year of study.
    3. To change his or her advisor, a student must obtain permissions from both the new advisor and the Chairman.

  2. Courses
    1. Required courses
      1. Master thesis (must be taken in the last year)
      2. Research project (must be taken for each semester in which Master thesis is not taken, except for the first semester; cannot not be taken with Master thesis unless being acknowledged by the Chairman)
      3. Research seminar (must be taken for each semester in which a student is registered as a full-time student, except for those studying abroad with seminar waivers from their advisors and the Chairman)
      4. Computing theory
    2. Each student has to earn at least 24 credits in addition to master thesis, research project and research seminar. Among these 24 credits, at least 15 should be from the department's course list.
    3. Students can apply for course waivers if equivalent courses have been taken prior to entering the program. The request is pending on the Chairman's approval.
    4. Students whose undergraduate major is not CS-related may be required to take extra courses selected by the program coordinator. (These courses don't count towards your credits.)

  3. Master thesis defense
    1. Students apply for thesis defense only after their advisors sign on the theses.
    2. Students must follow the department's rules for formatting theses.

  4. Termination of study
    Students who either
    1. have not completed the courses listed in the requirement 2.D in five semesters, or
    2. have no advisor for two semesters starting from the third semester,
    shall be dropped out of the program.

  6. Check the requirements of National Taiwan University and Ministry of Education to confirm and supplement these requirements.

  8. This regulation is approved and enforced by the Academic Affairs meeting. All modifications, thereafter, shall be of the same procedures.