[2018-11-16] Tim Jenkin,“Time Banking”

Title: Time Banking

Date: 2018-11-16 14:20-16:50

Location: R103, CSIE

Speaker: Tim Jenkin

Hosted by: Prof. Jane Hsu






Tim Jenkin was an anti-apartheid activist from the 1970s to the 1990s. After being active in South Africa for several years, he was arrested and sentenced to 12 years' imprisonment in 1978. The following year he and two others escaped from Pretoria Prison and fled to Europe. While in exile in the UK, Tim worked for the ANC and developed a secret, computerised communications network that connected operatives inside the country with the exiled leadership. This penetrated right into Nelson Mandela's prison cell before he was released in 1990.

Tim Jenkin1970-1990年間,是一位反種族隔離的活躍份子,在南非活躍了幾年,在1978年被逮捕,並拘禁12年。第二年他和其他兩名罪犯越獄,逃離普利多力亞監獄到歐洲。在英國流亡時,TimANC(非洲民族議會)工作。他發展了一個秘密、電腦化的溝通網絡,連結在國內活躍的流亡領袖,甚至滲透到在1990年被釋放之前尼爾森曼德拉的監獄。 After the 1994 elections Tim became disillusioned with the lack of change taking place in South Africa. He realised that winning the political struggle was only part of the struggle against apartheid. Far more important was the economic aspect, but he realised that in order to bring about change in this sphere a new exchange system (financial system) would be required. It would have to be run by those who used it rather than by private, profit-seeking, financial institutions. He developed the Community Exchange System (CES), which has become a global network of communities using moneyless exchange systems. 1994年選舉後,Tim因南非很少改變而失望,他理解了贏得了政治的努力,也只是對抗種族隔離的部分成就而已,更重要的是經濟方面。但他更理解為了改變,一個新的交換系統(經濟系統)是必須的。它應是由使用者來經營,而不是私人、利潤追求的財經單位所經營的。他發展了CES社區交換系統,這也成了使用無錢的交換系統全球社區網絡。


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