[2018-03-02] Fushing Hsieh, UC Davis., “Learning Visual Reconstruction Graphic displays of MLB pitching mechanics and its evolutions in PITCHf/x data”


Title: Learning Visual Reconstruction Graphic displays of MLB pitching mechanics and its evolutions in PITCHf/x data.
Date: 2018-03-02  .02:20 pm-03:30 pm
Location: R103, CSIE
Speaker: Fushing Hsieh, UC Davis.
Hosted by: Prof. Chih-Jen Lin


​​Pitching mechanics of 24 starting pitchers, who were top-three candidates for Cy Young award through 2012-17 seasons in National and American Leagues, is studied via data-driven computing based on pitch-by-pitch data from PITCHf/x database. Rather modeling with detailed aerodynamic formulas, a pitcher’s season-by-season pitching mechanics is recognized as a series of high dimensional point-cloud geometries. With one mutual conditional entropy matrix computed for each geometry, representations of systemic and idiosyncratic pattern-information are derived and expressed through graphic displays. One set of graphic display shows our discovery of a universal two-scaled systemic patterns induced by aerodynamics of pitching. Beyond the universality, detailed pattern-information further points to visible mechanistic similarity and distinctions among pitchers’ pitching mechanics via 3(+2)D geometrics. Another set of graphic display explicitly reveals pitcher’s idiosyncratic characteristics across a series of season as the pitcher’s evolution of pitching repertoire, and likewise across pitchers the evolving patterns exhibit how individual pitching repertoires overlap and differentiate.  Here each graphic display is a platform for stimulating understanding of computed pattern-information, and subsequently for formatting expert knowledge. Such understanding can lead to self-evaluations for pitchers’ wellbeing, and expert knowledge can afford critical comparisons among pitchers for coaches, managers and baseball fans.


1) 1990 Cornell U. PhD in Statistics.

2) 1991 Harvard post-Doc Fellow.

3) 1992-2003 in NTHU (4yr), NTU(3yr), and Academia Sinica (4yr)

4) 2003-now in UC Davis.


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