[2017-12-22] Mr. Shangpo Chou, Yahoo Search Analytics Team, "Data Science application in Yahoo Search Analytics Team”


Title: Data Science application in Yahoo Search Analytics Team
Date: 2017-12-22  04:30pm-05:30pm
Location: R102, CSIE
Speaker:   Mr. Shangpo Chou, Yahoo Search Analytics Team 
Hosted by: Prof. Vivian Chen



This talk will cover high level concept and detailed technology of various projects in Yahoo Search Analytics Team; these include metrics and experiment platform design, metrics causality analysis and machine learning based search result ranking.   

It won’t be a very academic and theoretical lecture. The lecturer will share how people in industry utilize data to improve products. And what are the challenges and technologies when we deal with large dataset in real world.




Chou has been working for Yahoo Search Analytics team as a Data Scientist/Data Engineer since he received a Master of Engineering degree from IEOR (Industrial Engineering and Operational Research) department at UC Berkeley. He received B.S and M.S from NTU CSIE Department under the supervision of professor Cheng-Fu Chou. He was also working with Professor Stacey Chen in Institute of Economics, Academia Sinica as a research assistant.  

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