[2017-05-16] Charles C. Huang, NIO E-powertrain, ”The Future of Intelligent Connected Electrification Vehicle”


Title: The Future of Intelligent Connected Electrification Vehicle
Date: : 2017-05-16  14:30-15:30
Location: R103, CSIE
Speaker: Charles C. Huang,VP, NIO E-powertrain
Hosted by: Prof. Chi-Sheng (Daniel) Shih


      Motivation (technology, emotion, pain, joyful lifestyle)

      Direction (beauty, HMI, performance, service)

      Technology (transformation, battery motor control, intelligent, connected)

      NIO Inc. introduction



Dr. Charles Huang is the Vice President of NIO and CTO of XPT. He is responsible for the development of E-Powertrain system and establishing competent in E-Powertrain engineering in NIO. He is also responsible for Intelligent Drive technology and competent development in China. He oversee all technology trend and product development in XPT.


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