[2024-06-05] Prof Xiaodong Liu, Edinburgh Napier University,"Challenges in the Next Generation of IoT-based Smart Systems and a Case Study"

  • 2024-06-03
Titile: Challenges in the Next Generation of IoT-based Smart Systems and a Case Study
Date: 2024/06/05 4:30pm-5:30 pm
Location:  CSIE  605
Speaker: Prof Xiaodong Liu, Edinburgh Napier University
Host: Prof. Chi-Sheng (Daniel) Shih

Artificial Intelligence (AI), big data analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT) are the three key pillars of the next generation cyber-physical systems. Cyber-physical systems (CPS) refer to novel hardware and software compositions creating smart, autonomously acting devices, enabling efficient end-to-end workflows and new forms of user-machine interaction. This talk will firstly present the key challenges that the future IoT-based systems are facing and then discuss the possible solutions and the critical technologies that need to be involved.
As a case study, we are going to discuss a new generation of resilient Cyber Physical Systems, namely Context-Active Resilient CPS, which we developed recently. Context-Active Resilience is a new level of resilience, which has not been targeted by previous work. We aim to develop a novel approach to context-active resilience in CPS, which ensures the best matching and optimal functions and QoS of the CPS in real-time during the running of the CPS. 

Short bio: Prof Xiaodong Liu has been very active in the research in AI-driven software engineering, focusing on pervasive systems (Internet of Things), service-oriented architecture, evolution of cloud services, and intelligence-driven smart systems. He has won 12 external grants and successfully led or leading these externally funded projects with the role of principal investigator. Currently Prof Liu leads the Intelligence-Driven Software Engineering Research Group. He is the founder a spin out company, FlexiCAGE Ltd. He has published 180 papers in refereed international journals and conferences and 5 book chapters. He is the inventor of 1 patent in Generative Component Adaptation registered in UK, USA and at International Level (PCT). He has been the chair, co-chair or PC member of a number of IEEE and ACM International Conferences. He is the associate editor of 2 international journals and the editorial board member of 3 international journals. He is the chief editor of 3 IGI Global Research Handbooks. He is the regular reviewer of other 6 international journals. He is a senior member of IEEE Computer Society, and a member of British Computer Society.