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Important 112學年度第2學期[專題討論]課程公告(Seminar Info) 3693
[2024-06-05] Prof Xiaodong Liu, Edinburgh Napier University,"Challenges in the Next Generation of IoT-based Smart Systems and a Case Study" 1129
[2024-05-29]  Prof. Ming-Hsuan Yang, UC Merced,”Recent Results on Video Understanding and Generation via Multimodal Foundation Models” 3333
[2024-06-07] 謝明華教授,政治大學,” 企業的數位與永續轉型 7606
[2024-05-17]  Prof. Chin-Tser Huang, University of South Carolina “Reliably Putting Their Heads Together: Application of Probabilistic Blockchain in Multi-Agent Decision-Making Systems" 6875
[2024-05-14]  Prof. Xian-He Sun,Illinois Tech,"AI & Data: Challenges and Opportunities in Computer System Research" 1515
[2024-05-08]  Dr. Hugo Lefeuvre,Visiting Researcher, SCI Semiconductor,"Towards Really Fast and Secure Virtual Machines with OS Specialization" 3903
[2024-05-17] Xin-You Liu/Chin-Chieh Hsu,NTUCSIE,”Exploring the Accelerator Design in FutureRobust In-memory Computing and Searching Architecture for 3D Computer Vision”,
                      "Dynamic Echocardiography Analysis and Quality Assessment"

[2024-04-26] Dr. Ryo Hachiuma, Research Scientist ,NVIDIA Taiwan,”Skeleton-based Human Action Understanding via Point Cloud Representation” 4052
[2024/05/03] 陳亮錡/楊証琨,NTUCSIE, “Emerging Processing-in-MemoryTechnology: UPMEM DPU and its Potentialities”, Tips for top-tier CV conference paper submission" 1255