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B.S. Program Admissions

Undergraduate Admission

The undergraduate students are only admitted every Fall. There are no Spring admissions. The undergraduate program currently admits students via 5 routes:
  • Taking the annual Joint College Entrance Exam in July
  • Taking the annual academic ability test in February and applying to the department
  • Winning medals in International Mathematics, Physics or Informatics Olympic
  • Having a legitimate proof of being an overseas Chinese and completing the pre-undergrad program at the Overseas Chinese University
  • Taking the transfer exam
Admission Statistics of Undergrad Students per Year
1. Entering by Joint College Entrance Exam: 56
2. Entering by application: 72
3. Entering by Internal Academic Olympics medals: 2-5
4. Overseas Chinese Students: 9
5. Transferring from other universities: 6; Transferring from other departments in NTU: 5

By Joint College Entrance Exam
The annual Joint College Entrance Exam is held in the beginning of July. Admitted students all earned exceptional scores for the exam.

By Application
About 60% of freshmen enter the program via application. The applicants' performances in the academic ability test determine whether they are qualified to enter the second round, which consists of exams focusing on Mathematics or Programming. The department makes final decisions based on applicants' scores in the academic ability test, performances in the second round exams, and profiles submitted at the time of application.

By Taking Part in International Competition
High school students who have won medals in International Academic Olympics are eligible to choose the department and the university they wish to enter, without taking any of the exams mentioned above. The department admits 2 to 5 such students every year.

By Overseas Chinese Status
The Overseas Chinese Student option is applicable only to students of foreign nationality with a Chinese origin. Since they have studied in different educational systems, they may vary in levels of academic abilities. The Overseas Chinese University is an intermediate institute that prepares the overseas students for the challenges to come in regular universities in Taiwan. Before enrolling in regular undergrad programs, students must complete a pre-undergrad program in the Overseas Chinese University and take an final exam. Based on their performances in the exam, students are transferred to different departments and universities. In order to enter the Overseas Chinese University, students must prove their foreign nationality as well as their Chinese origin. The Department of CSIE now takes about 8 such students each year.

By Transfer Exam
Students may also enter the department by taking the transfer exam at the end of every July. The subjects of the exam are Introduction to Computer and Calculus. The final score consists of the exam grades (30% for each subject) and the overall grade point average in previous semesters (40%). Students who maintain an 80 or above grade point average in every previous semester or were among the top 10% of the class in the previous academic year are eligible to take the transfer exam.

International Student Admission
  • International students must apply to
  • Application Procedure
    1. Prepare all required documents.
    2. Fill in the online application form on the OIA website.
    3. Print out the Declaration form, Authorization form and Application fee invoice.
    4. Upload all the required documents and complete the application procedure.