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Machine Intelligence & Understanding Laboratory

About Us

MiuLab is a research laboratory under the Department of Computer Science & Information Engineering at National Taiwan University. MiuLab is currently recruiting brilliant and motivated students who would be interested in 1) developing advanced machine learning models, 2) improving language-related AI tasks, and 3) prototyping interactive systems.

Our main research lies on the intersection of Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Human Computer Interaction, and the goal is to empower human communication with machine intelligence and understanding. The related projects focusing on specific tasks are shown as follows. Please contact Yun-Nung (Vivian) Chen by emailing yvchen @ or messaging on Facebook if you are interested in.

Latest News

Paper acceptance
Speaker Role Contextual Modeling for Language Understanding and Dialogue Policy Learning
Paper acceptance
Dynamic Time-Aware Attention to Speaker Roles and Contexts for Spoken Language Understanding