About IFMIA 2021

NTU, Taipei
24-27 Jan 2021


The International Forum on Medical Imaging in Asia (IFMIA) is an international conference for scientists, engineers and clinicians in all Asian countries to exchange new ideas and the latest research outcomes in medical imaging.

IFMIA was originally held as the Asian Forum on Medical Imaging at Cheju in Korea on 2007. Based on the success of the forum, the International Forum on Medical Imaging in Asia was launched at Taipei in Taiwan on 2009 (IFMIA 2009), followed by IFMIA 2011 at Okinawa in Japan, IFMIA 2012 at Daejeon in Korea, IFMIA 2015 at Tainan in Taiwan, IFMIA 2017 at Okinawa in Japan, and IWAIT-IFMIA 2019 in Singapore. The conference attracts leading scientists, engineers and clinicians in Asia from a wide range of disciplines associated with medical imaging.

▲ IWAIT-IFMIA 2019 in Singapore


Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
  • Medical Imaging and Reconstruction Theory (CT, MR, X-ray, US, PET, SPECT, OCT, Biological image, Histological Image, etc.)
  • Medical Image Analysis (Segmentation, Registration, Feature extraction, etc.)
  • Computational Anatomy and Computational Physiology
  • Computer-aided Diagnosis
  • Computer-aided Surgery and Therapy (Medical robots, Surgical and Interventional Systems, etc)
  • Radiogenomics / Radiomics - Visualization, Interactions, Virtual/Augmented Reality, and Simulations
  • Medical Informatics (PACS, IHE, Telemedicine, E-health, etc.)
  • Deep Learning in Medical Imaging

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