Michael Tsai

2019 Spring - CSIE 2311 and CSIE 1310 - Network Administration and System Administration (Lab)

This is a course designed to train the students in the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering to become part of the technical team to perform daily network and system maintenance tasks. See our promotion document for more details.


Course Information

The Teaching Team

To be announced. For questions and inquries regarding this course, please contact the teaching team at vegetable@csie.ntu.edu.tw.

Course Materials (slides, homework, and solutions)

They will be made available here after the semester ends. Also, materials from the past years are available here. Students taking the course please go to NTU COOL to see the course materials.

How to register for the course

To qualify to register for the course, please complete and submit hw0 by Feb. 22. Please also remember to submit the application form.