Michael Tsai

2019 Spring - CSIE 1212 - Data Structure and Algorithm

This is a required course for the undergraduate students in the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering. The course will focus on the implementation and the use of data structures and how to utilize them to solve problems.

Note: We will not accept any additional students for the semester as the number of students will be over the classroom capacity.

Course Information

The Teaching Team

Contact us via email at dsa1@csie.ntu.edu.tw (will be forwarded to the instructor and all TAs).

Teaching Assistants:

Name email office hour & place
曾千育 b04902008@ntu.edu.tw TBD
江緯璿 b04902077@ntu.edu.tw TBD
林品諺 b04902092@ntu.edu.tw TBD
馬揚格 b04902032@ntu.edu.tw Mondays, 11-12, 紅沙發
劉瀚聲 b04902012@ntu.edu.tw Thursdays, 14-15, 紅沙發
劉俊緯 b04902127@ntu.edu.tw Tuesdays, 19:20-20:20, 217
王行健 b04902008@ntu.edu.tw TBD
楊舒瑄 b04902007@ntu.edu.tw Thursdays, 13-14, 紅沙發
蘇多門 b05902094@ntu.edu.tw TBD
謝譯霆 b05902031@ntu.edu.tw TBD
楊皓丞 howard41436@gmail.com TBD
吳崇維 wayne4125@gmail.com Tuesdays, 11-12, 紅沙發
邱 譯 b06902030@ntu.edu.tw Mondays, 13-14, 紅沙發

Course Registration Policy

We will accept registrations (加選) up to the maximum allowed number of students of the classroom (~150). If we cannot accommodate all students, we will allow registration in the given order:

Students who wish to register for the course need to fill out an online application form, and will be processed according to the priority above. Those who get in will receive an email containing a registration code in the second week of the semester.

Course Materials (slides, homework, and solutions)

They will be made available here after the semester ends. Also, materials from the past years are available here. Students taking the course please go to NTU COOL to see the course materials.