[ADA 2020] Algorithm Design and Analysis

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I enroll?
A: This is a required course for sophomores in the CSIE department. For others, you will have to show up in the very first class and express your interest by filling a form. In principle, students who need the credits will get high priority.

Q: Can I audit?
A: Yes, if you’re an NTU student. No, otherwise. Due to limited TA resources, we won’t grade your homework.

Q: What are the prerequisites?
A: We strongly recommend that you take data structure and programming first.

Course Info


Wk. Date Topic Note
1 Sep 17 Course Logistics & Introduction
2 Sep 24 What is algorithm? / Divide-and-Conquer
3 Oct 01 Holiday; no class HW1 out
4 Oct 08 Divide-and-Conquer
5 Oct 15 Dynamic Programming HW2 out
6 Oct 22 Dynamic Programming
7 Oct 29 Greedy Algorithms
8 Nov 05 Greedy Algorithms
9 Nov 12 Mid-term Exam
10 Nov 19 Graph Algorithms
11 Nov 26 Graph Algorithms HW3 out
12 Dec 03 Graph Algorithms
13 Dec 10 Amortized Analysis
14 Dec 17 NP Completeness HW4 out
15 Dec 24 NP Completeness
16 Dec 31 Approximation Algorithms
17 Jan 07 ADA Challenge / Finall Review
18 Jan 14 Final exam

Grading Components