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Ming-Hen Tsai

E-mail : scan33scan33 AT gmail.com; DOB : Oct-16 1988
I am Ming-Hen Tsai (蔡明亨 in Chinese). I am a fresh PhD student studying Computer Science in Columbia University. I will work in DVMM Lab led by Prof. Shih-Fu Chang. Before that, I was a member of Machine Learning Group led by Prof. Chih-Jen Lin in National Taiwan University. I joined this group since 2008.
My one-page resume is here. My two-page resume is here, and my full-length CV is here

If you have any problems using my software, do not hesitate to tell me. I am at times busy, but if you inform me of the problems, I will certainly schedule to help you.

Research Interests

Current Research Projects

These are projects currently catching most of my attention and vigor.


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