Shoou-I Yu, Eu

B.S. in Computer Science and
Information Engineering
National Taiwan University (NTU CSIE),
Email: endoplasmic1357@gmail.com

Hello! I am Shoou-I Yu from National Taiwan University, Department of Computer Science and Information Technology. I graduated and receiving my bachelor's degree in the summer of 2009. I will be serving the mandatory military service for a year starting from summer 2009 and will also apply for graduate schools Ph.D programs abroad at the same time.

I am interested in artifical intelligence and worked an year with professor Jane Yung-jen Hsu. With classmate Michael Yu-ta Lu and master student Tsung-Chieh Chang, we wrote a paper called "A Content-Based Method to Enhance Tag Recommendation" which was accepted in IJCAI-09. It is related to recommender systems and tags. However the field of artificial intelligence is very broad and I am also interested in many other fields, including machine learning and robotics. However I have not had the chance to dive into these fields, and this will be my current goals.

I enjoy coding. I wrote my first for loop in Flash Actionscript in 9th grage, where I was trying to write some mini-games. In the "Interesting Stuff" section there are some flash stuff I wrote when I was in middle school and high school. I learned C when I was in high school, and had the chance to compete in programming contests. In university I had the chance to contact a large variety of programming languages and used them to implement some very interesting stuff. The one that left me the deepest impression is my compiler final project in my sophomore year. Using tools LEX and YACC, I wrote a 3700 line code that can compile a Pascal like language with Multi-Dimensional arrays and function calls. I know this may not sound very fancy but to me it was an fascinating experience when I used my compiler to compile one of my ACM codes(modified from C to the language my compiler takes), and the code was accepted by the Online-Judge!! It was just awesome!

Other than schoolwork and coding, I also enjoy playing all kinds of sports, including tennis, baseball, badminton, volleyball and table tennis. Actually these sports are the sports I played during one of the stages in my life. I played tennis in elementary school, played baseball in middle school, played badminton in high school and also participaed in the school representative team, played volleyball in high school and college, and finally table tennis in college.

Name: Shoou-I Yu, Eu
Email: endoplasmic1357@gmail.com
Last updated: 2009/11/22