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IEEE Multimedia Magazine
Special Issue on
Knowledge Discovery Over Community-Contributed Multimedia Data: Opportunities and Challenges

(Full submission due: 15 December 2009)


The explosive growth of digital photos and videos; the prevalence of capture devices; and the advent of media-sharing services, such as Flickr and YouTube, have drastically increased the volume of community-contributed multimedia resources. Billions of photos, videos, and music shared on Web sites profoundly impact human society and pose a new challenge for designing efficient indexing, search, mining, and visualization methods for manipulating such largescale media. Besides plain visual or audio signals, social media are augmented with rich contextˇXsuch as user-provided tags, comments, geolocations, time, and device metadataˇXbenefiting a wide variety of potential applications such as annotation, search, recommendation, advertising, and visualization.

The goal of this special issue is to present a concise reference of state-of-the-art efforts in knowledge discovery over large-scale social media, and in particular the entailed opportunities and challenges given the nascent status of this arena. Specifically, the special issue is intended to present both survey and original research articles (in a tutorial manner readable by nonspecialists) on emerging theoretical and practical deployments as well as illustrative applications for annotation, indexing and search, mining, recommendation, advertising, and visualization over social media. It also focuses on the rich context information and its mobile usage for social media. We believe the special issue will offer a timely collection of information to benefit the researchers and practitioners working in the broad multimedia community.

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