NTU TRECVID-2007 Fast Rushes Summarization System

Chen-Ming Pan, Yung-Yu Chuang, Winston H. Hsu

Rushes are the raw materials used to produce a video. They often contain redundant and repetitive contents. Rushes summarization aims to provide a quick overview for a rushes video. As part of TRECVID 2007, NIST initiates a rushes summarization task. This paper reports on the design of NTU rushes summarization system. Our system consists of three components, shot segmentation, redundant shot detection and summary creation. To tackle the bulky rushes, we focus on efficient but effective feature representations (i.e. ,local color histograms, compressed-domain motion vectors, etc.) and summarization methods. Besides, we proposed anovel approach to detect clapper shots which are not only relevant to concise summarizes but also essential for indexing numerous camera takes in the rushes. Even practically efficient and requiring only 40% of the video time for computation, the proposed system achieved satisfying results in TRECIVD 2007 rushes summarization task.

[ACM Multimedia TRECVID BBC Rushes Summarization Workshop (TVS 2007), Augsburg, Germany, September 23-29, 2007]