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AskSimple is a tool that helps you participate in class annonymously and supports you in getting the answers you need as fast as possible!


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Project Stages

  1. We interviewed students from different parts of the world on their frustrations in class and found that there are common frustrations. Additional needfinding interviews revealed that many students want to ask and answer questions anonymously, whether they take offline or online lessons.

    Another insight we gained from our interviews is the wish for more collaborative problem solving in class, some students expressed the wish to receive help from fellow students when wanting to ask questions in class.

  2. In order to dig deeper into the topic of better classroom interaction, we initiated another round of interviews in which we focused on why and how students would like to participate in class, both offline and online. From this new information, we derived several "How might we"'s, small questions that guide us to our solution. Based on those HMWs, we created 3 prototypes that were tested by an independent user.

  3. Following our first experience prototype testing, we continue to brainstorm on design ideas and consequently turned these ideas into a concept video. Like this, we were able to deepen our solution, and to better present our design ideas and the context of our project to an audience outside of our immediate team.

  4. In this stage, we learned how to use low-fi prototyping in the early stages of our UI design. Firstly, we sketched out many different design realizations that will implement our solution. We then selected the best of those realizations for further testing. Afterwards, we build a low-fi prototype of the best design and performed a simple usability test. We will incorporate those design changes in our prototype for the next stage.

  5. After the creation of our low-fidelity prototype, the next stage was about building medium-fidelity prototypes. Based on insights from testing our low-fidelity prototype as well as our revised UI design ideas, we created our medium-fi prototype using „proto.io“ as interactive UI design tool.

    Before testing our prototype, please read the provided readme in order to have a better testing experience.

  6. In this stage, we summarized the heuristic evaluations that we received from our evaluators and assigned severity ratings to those violations. Like this, we created a basis from which we can fix the most important problems found in our project prototype UI.

  7. In the last phase of our project, we created a running prototype of our AskSimple app, using our previously designed and revised medium-fi prototype. By using the results of our class’ heuristic evaluation and some additional user feedback, we were able to develop an app that implements most of the needed functionality and that provides the most realistic user experience possible. Feel free to test our app!

    If you are interested in our progress and the creation of our app from beginning to the final product, feel free to have a look at our project report. Any feedback on this is very welcome.

Our Team

Our origins

Mike T. Software Engineering


Nicole S. Int'l Information Systems


Lukas G. Computer Science


Zhenyang L. CS & Design


Peng-Hsuan L. Computer Science