Introduction to Computer 2014

Basic knowledge about computer, data manipulation & abstraction,
computer architecture, organization, software,
operating system, database, network, multimedia, graphics


周承復 Cheng-Fu Chou
Office:德田館(CSIE Building)R517

Lecture Time

9:10~12:10, Monday

Lecture Room

CSIE Building, R102


“Computer Science: An Overview”, 12th Edition by J. Glenn Brookshear


“Computing Fundamentals”, “Computer Science Illuminated”


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Your HW/exam scores    how to get extra credit
Midterm exam 11/10 (一) 10.00 AM~11.40 PM Room 102 & 104
11/24 參觀 CyberLink 9:10 AM 捷運大坪林一號出口
12/1 參觀 Delta 8:50 AM 新生南路側門的捐血車旁搭車 9:00AM 開車
Final exam 1/12 (一) 10.00 AM~12.00 PM Room 102 & 104


9/15: syllabus (ppt) (pdf)  chapter 0 (ppt) (pdf)
9/22: chapter 1 (ppt) (pdf)  Two's complement (ppt) (pdf)  chapter 15 (ppt) (pdf)
10/6: python tutorial (ppt)
10/13:  chapter 2 (ppt) (pdf)
10/20:  chapter 3 (ppt) (pdf)
10/27:  chapter 4 (ppt) (pdf)
12/8: chapter 5 (ppt) (pdf)
12/15: chapter 6 (ppt) (pdf)
12/22: chapter 7 (ppt) (pdf)
12/29: chapter 9 (ppt) (pdf)


python homework  deadline:2014/10/20 12:10pm  (eng_pdf) ans1 ans2
Homework1  deadline:2014/10/20 12:10pm answer
Homework2  deadline:2014/11/3 12:10pm answer
Homework3  deadline:2014/11/10 12:10pm answer
Visit Report  deadline:2014/12/22 12:10pm
Homework4  deadline:2014/12/22 12:10pm answer
Homework5  deadline:2014/12/29 12:10pm answer
Homework6  deadline:2015/1/5 12:10pm answer
Homework7  deadline:2015/1/5 12:10pm answer