Web Retrieval and Mining

Spring 2014


IIR: Introduction to Information Retrieval

  Date   Topic   Reading
 2014/02/21  Overview (prn)  
 2014/02/28  228 Memorial Day  
 2014/03/07  Intro. to IR System (prn)

 2014/03/14  Index, Compression &
 Query Optimization
 IIR Ch1.1~Ch1.3, Ch2.2~Ch2.4,
       Ch5.1.1~Ch5.1.2, Ch5.2
 Postings Compression
 Assignment 1
 2014/03/21  Index, Compression &
 Query Optimization
Query Processing & Optimization
 Assignment 2
 2014/03/28  Vector Space Model &
 Latent Semantic Indexing
 IIR Ch6.2~Ch6.4, Ch18
 Assignment 3
 2014/04/04   Children's Day  
 2014/04/11  Evaluation (prn)  IIR Ch8, TREC Measures
 Assignment 4
 2014/04/18  Language Model  (prn)  IIR Ch12
 Okapi BM25 (IIR Ch11.4, Eq.(11.33))
 2014/04/25  Prob. Model (prn)  IIR Ch11
 2014/05/02  Midterm  Project Proposal
 2014/05/09  Link Analysis (prn)  Social Network Analysis
 2014/05/16  Text Classification (prn)  IIR Ch13, Ch14, Ch15
Assignment 5
 2014/05/23  Text Classification (prn)  IIR Ch13, Ch14, Ch15
 2014/05/30  Text Clustering (prn)  IIR Ch16, Ch17
 2014/06/06  Commencement
 2014/06/13  Mixtual Model with EM (prn)  EM Algorithm
 2014/06/28  Presentation