Web Retrieval and Mining

Spring 2013

Generation Instructions

This course provides some small handwritten assignments and 2 programming assignments. You are going to work individually. The overall goals of the assignments are to help you understand (1) how to rank documents given a query and evaluate its results, and (2) how to analyze Web data by clustering or classification.

Assignment 1 (
handwritten)  : Indexing-I (due on 3/15)
Assignment 2 (handwritten)  : VSM (due on 3/29)
Assignment 3 (programming): Ranking (due on 4/12)
                                             IIR Ch7.1 (Fig. 7.1: a fast way to calculate cosine scores
                                                             on VSM with the assistance of inverted file)

Assignment 4 (handwritten)  : LM (due on 4/26)
Assignment 5 (programming): PageRank (due on 5/23 21:00)