kbdmapper: piaip's (JP 109) Keyboard Mapping Tool

(v1.2: WinNT/2000/XP Only)

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For current user only (XP only, not working on 2000)
Change whole system (req. Adm permission)
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Single Key to Toggle IME:

Here we provide a way to toggle your IME (Input Method Extension). Being a Taiwan notebook user, it's sometimes painful for me to key in Chinese text mixed with English text. The default and well-know key combination to toggle IME is Control-Space. However there're some reasons I don't like it:

  1. Some software uses Control-Space as its own function
  2. It requires specific key combination, that is, wide range of finger movement. Also slow when typing.
  3. On my stupid f*king Compaq notebook, the location of Control is not easily pressed (due to Fn, Control is too small) and I have to blend my thumb. That hurts my fingers.

During the development of kbdmapper, finally a solution comes out: Use the JP Convert/NotConvert keys!! Because I don't type Japanese very often (the convert/not-convert function can be achived by Space), the Convert key is meaningful and good to replace the stupid Control-Space.

However due to some issues, in order to keep the program small and easier to maintain, I provide only the registry to use JP "NotConvert" key to toggle IME. What if you wanna use Convert? Just use the kbdmapper to map your Convert to NotConvert! Actually, on my stupid Compaq N800v, I use the following maps: Ins to NotConvert, R-Alt to Ins. Because my notebook has the keyboard layout as SPACE, INS, R-ALT.

You may decide what key to use. In my opinion, Convert key is a good choice because:

  1. It's kinda meaningful
  2. On non-jp keyboards, the same location is usually occupied by a Right-Alt. It is also useless to most people so you can still map it to the toggleIME key.

After telling you all these stuff, here's the files you'll need:

Download and double-click to open(execute) them, then re-login or reboot.
Use them well!