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Research Statement & Projects

of Tei-Wei Kuo

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Research Statements

With the advance technology of VLSI circuit and system designs, the development of embedded systems has entered a new era. Many modern processors can operate at different supply voltages/frequencies, and the number of cores per computer has been increasing recently. As advanced system architectures become more and more complicated, how to better balance the performance and energy consumption of a system is now a critical issue for the designs of embedded systems and even servers. Our current effort in this direction includes the following research topics:

1.      Energy-Efficient Designs for Operating Systems

2.      Fast Booting and Hibernation

3.      Virtualization Technology over Mobile Devices and Cloud Servers

4.      Storage Servers

5.      Android, Linux, Chrome, and Windows.

Flash memory is now widely adopted in the designs of various storage systems, and its applications have grown much beyond its original designs. Well-known examples are flash-memory cache of hard drives (known as TurboMemory), fast booting (assisting) devices for Microsoft Windows Visa, and solid-state disks (SSD). While the capacity of flash memory grows dramatically, the performance and reliability problems of multiple-level-cell (MLC) flash memory are also quickly exaggerated, where MLC flash memory (including TLC) is a major player in the market of lower cost and/or large-scale storage systems. How to resolve new write constraints of MLC flash memory chips, such as the prohibition of partial programming, and performance/reliability degradation issues provides strong motivation of this research direction. Our current effort in this direction includes the following research topics:

1.      Designs of the Flash Translation Layer and MTD for Reliability and Performance Enhancement

2.      Cache Designs for Cloud Servers

3.      File System Designs

4.      Storage Devices

5.      System Designs of PCM and other Non-Volatile Memory


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Special thanks for the support from the ROC National Science Council, the ROC Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Macronix, etc.


revised on January 6, 2011.

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