Tip 1. NO MORE UP arrow!!!!!!

“$ make clean && make && make program || make program”

Save your time from typing and typing again during debugging.
(Or press UP arrow again and again).

Tip 2. NO MORE vim makefile!!!!!!

“$ make clean ROOT_DIR=~/nano-RK”
“$ make ROOT_DIR=~/nano-RK”
“$ make program ROOT_DIR=~nano-RK PROGRAMMING_PORT=/dev/ttyUSB0”

Don't waste your time to edit the makefile anymore.

Tip 3. NO MORE Ctrl+a → o!!!!!!

“$ LANG=C ;minicom -o -D /dev/ttyUSB0”

Don't waste your time to setup the minicom anymore.

Tip 4. Where is my warning/error??????

“$ make 2>&1 | grep main.c:”
“$ make 2>&1 | egrep 'main.c:|myinclude.c'”

Get your warning/error messages only.

Tip 5. NO MORE NO MORE!!!!!!

use this as a shell script ex.mymake

make clean ROOT_DIR=~/nano-RK ${@:1:$#-1} && make ROOT_DIR=~/nano-RK ${@:1:$#-1} && make program ROOT_DIR=~/nano-RK PROGRAMMING_PORT=/dev/ttyUSB${@:$#:1} ${@:1:$#-1} || make program ROOT_DIR=~/nano-RK PROGRAMMING_PORT=/dev/ttyUSB${@:$#:1} ${@:1:$#-1}

“mymake CHANNEL=26 SRC_ADDR=20 TARGET=bmac_rx 0”

Don't waste your time to watch this tip any more.

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