Lab 0: Build/Install the tool-chain

Sample program: svn://


In this lab project, you don't have to program by yourself. But you have to get everything ready for programming with the nano-RK on the zigduino. Upload your compiled binary file to show you get that.

Be sure to do following step on “your own laptop/desktop”.
You will need to use it as the development environment soon or later.

What you need to do

Prepare the tool-chain and the source code

  1. Build/Install the tool-chain for the nano-RK (with zigduino support) on your own laptop/desktop.
  2. Get the source code of the nano-RK

Go Build/Install Guide for more detail

Upload your compiled binary file

  1. Get the sample program and modify its packet content to your student ID.
    • Run follow instruction “in the projects folder of nano-RK(nano-RK/projects)“.
       $ svn co svn://
    • Edit lab0/main.c, find those lines and “modify b12345678 to your StudentID”
                               Fill your student id here!!!!
                      sprintf( tx_buf, "My student id is b12345678");
  2. Compile the sample program with the tool-chain.
    • Run following instruction “in folder nano-RK/projects/lab0”
       $ make 
  3. Check and fix it if any error occurred.
    • You should see something like
      Size after:
      main.elf  :
      section      size      addr
      .data         458   8389120
      .text       21712         0
      .bss          644   8389578
      .stab       58212         0
      .stabstr    51033         0
      Total      132059
      Errors: none
      Platform: zigduino
      -------- end --------
  4. Rename the hex file it generated “main.hex” to “YOUR_STUDENT_ID.hex”.(ex. b97902999.hex)
  5. Upload the hex file (“YOUR_STUDENT_ID.hex”) to our judge system.
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