Please write down the answers for the following questions and submit it to the TA right before the class on 9/22 or to the box in R424 by 1pm. Feel free to look for answers on the Internet, but please provide references for each question.

  1. People often find that when we are using the cellphone and the reception is not good, we can just take a step away from the original location and the reception would often become better. Why is that? and exactly how far should we move from the original location (please give a quantitative answer)? Please give a detailed explanation. (Hint: what's the frequency that your cellphone operates at?)
  2. Designing a wireless system is always about trade-offs and in lots of wireless systems, energy limitation is probably the first problem to be solved. If you are the engineer to design the system, what approach would you use to minimize the energy consumption? With your approach, what performance metric might take a hit and become the trade-offs (some examples of the metrics: data rate, range, packet reception rate, occupied bandwidth, delay) ? Please explain in details. (Hint: as you are not familiar with many aspects of wireless communications, you can think about human voice propagation when you are answering this question - how do you speak so that you don't have to use a lot of energy? )
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