Network Administration/System Administration Training

This is an unofficial course designed to train the students in the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering to become part of the technical team to perform daily network and system maintenance tasks.


Course Information

  • Instructor: Hsin-Mu (Michael) Tsai, Masaki Chen, Mars Su
  • Class time: Mondays 19:30-21:00
  • Classroom: CSIE Building 219

Teaching Team

  • Network Administration
Instructor Michael Tsai
Instructor Masaki Chen
Instructor Mars Su
Teaching Assistant TzuChun Chen
  • System Administration
Instructor Wens Tsai
Instructor Jerry Wei
Teaching Assistant Macaca Li
Teaching Assistant TzuChun Chen

Please direct all your questions to and the e-mails will be forwarded to all members of the teaching team.

Class Schedule & Lecture Notes

Date Events Lecture Notes
09/10 HW0 announced
09/17 HW1 announced
09/24 HW2 announced
10/01 HW3 announced
10/08 HW4 announced
10/15 HW5 announced
10/22 HW6 announced
10/29 HW7 announced
11/05 No class
11/19 HW8 announced
  • System configuration, log (how to setup network interfaces, configure their ip address, debug with system logs)
12/03 HW9 announced
12/22 HW10 announced
  • Experience sharing, Q&A
  • [pptx|pdf]


  • Submit your homework here:CEIBA
Homework Due Problems File Solution
HW0 9/17


HW1 9/24 hw1
HW2 10/01 hw2
HW3 10/01 AP實習
HW4 10/08 firewall實習
HW5 10/25 hw5
HW6 11/05 hw6
HW7 11/12 hw7
HW8 11/26 hw8
HW9 12/17 請詳閱12/03投影片
HW10 12/29 請詳閱12/22投影片
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