[CSIE 1212] Data Structure and Algorithm

This is a required course for the undergraduate students in the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering. The course will focus on the implementation and the use of data structures and how to utilize them to solve problems.

Course Information

The Teaching Team

Name Office hour Room
Instructor 蔡欣穆 (Michael) TBD R316
TA 曹爗文 四 14:00~15:00 地下室紅沙發
TA 黃晴 一 13:30~14:30 地下室紅沙發
TA 陳力 五 13:00~14:00 地下室紅沙發
TA 林祐萱 三 15:30~16:30 地下室紅沙發
TA 江緯璿 四 18:30~19:30 地下室紅沙發
TA 曾千育 一 18:30~19:30 地下室紅沙發
TA 馬揚格 三 19:00~20:00 地下室紅沙發
TA 劉瀚聲 二 19:00~20:00 地下室紅沙發
TA 劉俊緯 五 18:30~19:30 地下室紅沙發
TA 王行健 四 13:20~14:20 地下室紅沙發
TA 周逸 三 15:20~16:20 地下室紅沙發

Please direct all your questions to dsa1(at)csie.ntu.edu.tw (dsa then the number 1 at csie). All e-mails sent to this address will be distributed to all members of the teaching team.


See the course schedule below.

Class Schedule & Lecture Notes

See the course webpage at NTU COOL below.

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