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[CSIE 2136] Algorithm Design and Analysis

This is a required course for the undergraduate students in the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering. In this course, I will cover various algorithm design and analysis techniques.

Course Information

Teaching Team

Name Office hour Room
Instructor Michael Tsai Mondays 13-14 R316
Teaching Assistant Wei-Yin Lin (林蔚茵) Tuesdays 11-12 R432
Teaching Assistant Pei-Chen Peng (彭姵晨) Thursdays 11-12 R432
Teaching Assistant Tsung-Chien Hsieh (謝宗潛) Thursdays 13:20-14:20 R432

Please direct all your questions to and the e-mails will be forwarded to all members of the teaching team.


  • Algorithm Design and Analysis
    • Graph
    • Divide-and-Conquer
    • Probabilistic Analysis & Randomized Algorithms
    • Dynamic Programming
    • Greedy Algorithms
    • Amortized Analysis
    • Maximum Flow
    • Multithreaded Algorithms
    • NP-Completeness
    • Other Advanced Topics
  • Programming and Software Engineering in the real world
    • Version control
    • Bug tracking
    • Manage your development schedule
    • The software company game
    • Functional specifications
    • Paper prototyping

Class Schedule & Lecture Notes

Date Events Lecture Notes
9/16 First class
  • Course information [pdf]
  • Divide and Conquer 1 [pptx|pdf]
9/23 HW1 out
10/7 HW1 due, HW2 out
10/28 HW2 due, HW3 out
11/11 HW3 due, the software company game presentation
11/18 Midterm exam
  • Midterm Solution [pdf]
11/25 HW4 out
  • Amortized Analysis [pptx|pdf] (Last Uploaded: 2011/12/09)
12/9 HW4 due, HW5 out
  • Evidence Based Scheduling [pptx|pdf]
12/23 HW5 due, HW6 out
1/6 HW6 due
1/13 Final exam


Homework Due (1pm) Problems Solutions
HW1 10/11
HW2 10/31
HW3 11/14
HW4 12/12
HW5 12/26
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