Hao(-hua) Chu (朱浩華)

Associate Professor (副教授)

Computer Science and Information Engineering Department  (資訊工程學系與研究所)

Institute of Networking and Multimedia (資訊網路與多媒體研究所)

National Taiwan University (國立臺灣大學)

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地址: 國立臺灣大學台北市羅斯福路四段一號資訊工程學系館518

Address: Room 518, Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, National Taiwan University, #1 Roosevelt Road, Section 4, Taipei, Taiwan 106, ROC

Email Address: hchu@csie(•)ntu(•)edu(•)tw

Phone number: (8862) 2362-5336, ext 518

Fax: (8862) 2362-8167

Map of NTU Campus & Computer Science Department (Building #45 on the map)

Ubicomp Lab: 資訊工程系館336/338



§         Database Systems (統) in Fall 2004

§         Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing in Spring 2004

§         Database Systems (資料庫系統) in Fall 2003


Research Areas

§         Ubiquitous Computing

§         Sensor Networks

§         Pervasive Middleware

§         Social Computing

§         Security & Privacy Protection


Seminars & Group Meetings



Hao-hua Chu (“Hao”) was born in 1971, Taipei, Taiwan. He started schooling at Fuhsing kindergarden, elementary and junior high school (復興國民中小學幼稚園), Taipei. At an age of 14, he moved to Massachusetts. From 1985 to 1986, he attended Cushing Academy, Ashburnham, Massachusetts. From 1986 to 1989, he attended Northfield Mount Hermon School, Mount Hermon, Massachusetts, where he received his high school degree. From 1989 to 1994, he enrolled at Cornell University, Ithaca, New York. He received both his B.S. and M.E. degrees in Computer Science. From January 1994 to August 1994, he worked as a software programmer at the Design Research Institute, Xerox Corporation. From August 1994 to August 1999, he became a graduate student at University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. He received his Ph.D. degree in computer science under the supervision of Professor Klara Nahrstedt. During his graduate study, he took a summer off to work as an intern at the Validation Technology group at Intel Corporation, Folsom, California. After completing his Ph.D., he worked as a senior software engineer at Intel Architecture Lab in Hillsboro, Oregon. Later in June 2000, he became a project manager at (NTT) DoCoMo USA Labs in San Jose, California. From August 2003, he moves back to Taiwan to teach at the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, National Taiwan University.


Publications (Personal Experience Computing, mProducer)

§         Chon-in Wu, Chao-ming (James) Teng, Yi-chao Chen, Tung-yun Lin, Hao-hua Chu, Jane Yun-jen Hsu, “Point-of-Capture Archiving and Editing of Personal Experiences from a Mobile Device”, submitted to ACM Personal and Ubiquitous Computing (PUC), Special Issue on Memory and Sharing of Experiences, 2005. (pdf)

§         Hsien-ting Cheng, Ching-lun Lin, Hao-hua Chu, “DoCoDeMo Phone: An Imperceptible Approach for Privacy Protection”, Technical report, Intelligent Space Lab, Computer Science and Information Engineering Department, National Taiwan University, December, 2004. (pdf)

§         Chao-ming Teng, Chon-in Wu, Yi-chao Chen, Hao-hua Chu, Yung-jen Hsu, “Design and Evaluation of mProducer: a Mobile Authoring Tool for Personal Experience Computing”, Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia (MUM’2004 published in ACM digital library), College Park, Maryland, October, 2004. (pdf)

§         Chao-ming Teng, Hao-hua Chu, Chon-in Wu, “mProducer: Authoring Multimedia Personal Experiences on Mobile Phones”, IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo (ICME’2004), Taipei, Taiwan, June, 2004. (pdf)

 (Social Computing)

§         Chao-ming Teng, Hao-hua Chu, Jane Yung-jen Hsu, “Making Use of Serendipity: A New Direction for Pervasive Computing from a Sociological View”, 2nd International Conference on Pervasive Computing (Pervasive’2004), Linz/Vienna, Austria, April, 2004. (pdf)

 (Pervasive Middleware, ROAM System)

§         Chuang-wen You, Hao-hua Chu, “Replicated Client-Server Execution to Overcome Unpredictability in Mobile Environment”, IEEE 4th Workshop on Applications and Services in Wireless Networks (ASWN), Boston, MA, August, 2004.(pdf)

§         Hao-hua Chu, Henry Song, Candy Wong, Shoji Kurakake, Masaji Katagiri, “Roam, A Seamless Application Framework”, Journal of Systems and Software, Volumn 69(3), pages 209-226, January, 2004. (pdf)

§         Candy Wong, Hao-hua Chu, Masaji Katagiri, “A Single-Authoring Technique for Building Device-Independent Presentations”, W3C Device Independent Authoring Techniques Workshop, St. Leon-Rot, Germany, September 2002.(pdf)

§         Henry Song, Hao-hua Chu, Nayeem Islam, Shoji Kurakake, Masaji Katagiri, “Browser State Repository Service”, International Conference on Pervasive Computing (Pervasive’2002), Zurich, Switzerland, August 2002, also published as Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1309, Pervasive Computing, edited by F. Mattern, M. Naghshineh, pages 253-266, Springer-Verlag, 2002. (pdf)

§         Candy Wong, Hao-hua Chu, and Masaji Katagiri, “GUI Migration across Heterogeneous Java Profiles”, ACM CHI-NZ 2002, July 2002. (pdf)

§         Hao-hua Chu, Henry Song, Candy Wong, Shoji Kurakake, “Seamless Applications over Roam System”, ACM Ubitools (Part of ACM Ubicomp 2001), Atlanta, September 2001. (pdf)

§         Henry Song, Hao-hua Chu, Shoji Kurakake, “Browser Session Preservation and Migration”, WWW’2002, Hawaii, May 2002.(pdf)

§         Hao-hua Chu and Shoji Kurakake, “Roam (ResOurce-aware Application Migration) System”, The 5th World Multi-Conference on Systemics, Cybernetics, and Informatics, Orlando, July 2001. (pdf)


§         Hao-hua Chu Lintian Qiao, Klara Nahrstedt, “A Secure Multicast Protocol with Copyright Protection”, ACM Computer Communication Review, Volume 32, Issue 2, pages: 42-60, April 2002. (pdf)

§         Hao-hua Chu, Lintian Qiao, Klara Nahrstedt, ”A Secure Multicast Protocol with Copyright Protection”, in Proceedings of IS&T/SPIE's Symposium on Electronic Imaging: Science and Technology, San Jose, January, 1999. (pdf)

§         Hao-hua Chu, Klara Nahrstedt, “Multi-Path Communication for Video Traffic”, HICSS-30, Maui, January, 1997. (pdf)

 (Resource Management, QoS, DSRT)

§         C.S. Potter, Hao-hua Chu, B. Frey, C. Green, N. Kisseberth, T.J. Madden, K.L. Miller, Klara Nahrstedt, J. Pulokas, A. Reilein, D. Tcheng, D. Weber, B. Carragher, “Leginon: A System for Fully Automated Acquisition of 1000 Electron Micrographs a Day”, Ultramicroscopy Journal, vol. 77, pp. 153-161, North-Holland Publisher, July, 1999. (pdf)

§         Hao-hua Chu, Klara Nahrstedt, “CPU Service Classes for Multimedia Applications”, in Proc. of IEEE International Conference on Multimedia Computing and Systems (ICMCS'99), Florence, Italy, June, 1999. (pdf)

§         Klara Nahrstedt, Hao-hua Chu, Srinivas Narayan, “QoS-Aware Resource Management for Distributed Multimedia Applications”, Journal of High Speed Networks, Special Issue on Multimedia Networking, Volume 7(3,4): 229-258, IOS Press, March, 1999. (pdf)

§         C. Lin, Hao-hua Chu, Klara Nahrstedt. "A Soft Real-time Scheduling Server on the Windows NT", 2nd USENIX Windows NT Symposium, Seattle, August, 1998. (pdf)

§         Hao-hua Chu, Klara Nahrstedt. “A Soft Real Time Scheduling Server in UNIX Operating System”, European Workshop on Interactive Distributed Multimedia Systems and Telecommunication Services, Darmstadt, Germany, September, 1997, also published as Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1309 Interactive Distributed Multimedia Systems and Telecommunication Services edited by Ralf Steinmetz and Lars C. Wolf, Springer-Verlag, 1997.(pdf)


Professional Services

§         PC Member: IEEE Percom 2005, Hawaii.

§         PC Member: Embedded and Ubiquitous Computing (EUC) 2004, Aizu, Japan.

§         PC Member: 1st ACM Workshop on Next-Generation Residential Broadband Challenges (in conjunction with ACM Multimedia 2004), New York.

§         Workshop Co-Chair: 1st IEEE QoS and Dynamic Systems (QDS) Workshop (in conjunction with IEEE ICPADS 2004), Newport Beach, CA.

§         PC Member: ACM Mobisys 2003, San Francisco, CA.

§         Track Member: WWW 2003 (The Twelfth International World Wide Web Conference) Browser & UI Track, Budapest, Hungary.

§         Track Member: WWW 2002 (The Eleventh International World Wide Web Conference) Multimedia Track, Honolulu, Hawaii.

§         PC Member: Workshop on Multimedia Information Systems 2001, Capri, Italy.

§         PC Member: ACM Multimedia 2000, Marina del Rey, CA.


Research Collaborators


Graduate Students

(For students who have been accepted into NTU CSIE/INM graduate programs and are interested in working with me, please read suggestions.)

§         游創文 (Bing), r91023@csie(•)ntu(•)edu(•)tw

§         吳忠穎 (Sylphid), r92079@csie(•)ntu(•)edu(•)tw

§         Kenji Okuda, kenji0706jp@yahoo(•)co(•)jp

§         陳奕超 (YiChao), b89902066@ntu(•)edu(•)tw

§         張耿豪 (KengHao), kenghao@gmail(•)com

§         葉舜元, r93124@csie(•)ntu(•)edu(•)tw

§         田知本 (Ben), b89011@csie(•)ntu(•)edu(•)tw

§         鄧淳元 (Edwin), b89x010@csie(•)ntu(•)edu(•)tw

§         王科植, r93944007@csie(•)ntu(•)edu(•)tw

§         蔣季融, r93102@csie(•)ntu(•)edu(•)tw

§         吳欣展, pcbill@gmail(•)com


Undergraduate Students

§         林東昀 (Toung), toung@vgod(•)info

§         劉智弘, b90029@csie(•)ntu(•)edu(•)tw

§         劉詩彥, b90701219@ntu(•)edu(•)tw



§         旻 (James Teng), jteng@media(•)mit(•)edu


Friends & Family

§         My oldest brother Yung-hua Chu and his wife Chia-Chieh Tsai in Chicago, IL.

§         My second older brother Paul Chu and his wife in London UK.

§         My younger brother Yang-hua Chu at google.