Digital Visual Effects, Spring 2013

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final project

Assigned: 2013/5/22
Due: 2013/6/26

Project description

For your final project, you have three options: research, system and film.

Research: Define a new problem or develop a new approach to solve an existing problem. You can look up recent SIGGRAPH/CVPR/ICCV papers for inspiration. For a new problem, you don't need to solve it completely, but you have to make reasonable progress. For example, you can solve a simplified version or a subproblem of it. For the unsolved paerts, sketch your ideas on how to solve them. For this category, the ideal team size is 1-2 people. Hand in your source code and a report in the format of academic papers.

System: Implement an easy-to-use system or library for some existing algorithms. Good candidates are the algorithms presented in recent SIGGRAPH/CVPR/ICCV papers. Here, I list several candidates for your reference: The ideal team size is 1-3 people. Write an html report on what you have achieved and hand in your source code.

Film: Make a short "effects" film. You can use any available tools to make it. At times, you might have to write programs to achieve your goal. You can look at this page , this page, ADs, films or YouTube for inspiration. Another good source for inspiration is to mimic shots in effects films or advertisement. The ideal team size is 3-4 people for this category. Other than your final video, you have to hand in a making-of video to document how you achieve the effects in your film.

The final presentation is scheduled at 1:00pm on 6/26 in Room 104. All reports and videos are due on 6/26 11:59pm. Submit your reports/videos here.