Digital Image Synthesis, Fall 2012

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final project: PBRT+

Assigned: 2012/12/17
Due: 2013/1/18 11:59pm

Project description

In this project, you are free to implement existing or novel algorithms. You can either use them to extend pbrt to produce a realistic image or implement it as a standalone system. Of course, you are welcome to work on real-time rendering systems as well. For inspiration, you can either look at the results of Stanford's rendering competition, internet ray tracing competition or recent SIGGRAPH papers. I list some papers as options if you do not have a clear idea in your mind. Please notice that the ultimate goal is to synthesize a realistic image. Hence, even if you choose to implement a paper or two, please create a scene to demonstrate your result clearly.


You have to turn in every source file you have modified or created and a html report. The report could describe how you create your scene and image. It is fine to import other's objects, such as those available online, in your scene. For the format of the report, please refer to the reports of Stanford's rendering competition for examples. In addition, you have to create at least a representative image using your own program. Please send your project directly to me by the deadline.