Digital Image Synthesis, Fall 2012

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project #3
final project


project #0: install pbrt

Assigned: 2012/09/13
Due: none
Download the current source code of pbrt and install it. Set it up in a programming environment in which you can debug. Run examples under the scenes directory in the unzip file. For more complex examples, you can download here. Optionally, create some of your own scenes. Please refer to Appendix B of pbrt book for pbrt file format. PBRT has some exporters which allow you to use objects of other formats. You can find them in pbrt's directory.

In addition, the source file contains a source code browsing page for pbrt 2.0. It should be helpful in tracing code. Note that this might not be accurate once you have changed your own copy of pbrt.

project #1: height field

Assigned: 2012/10/04
Due: 2012/10/24 11:59pm

project #2: realistic camera

Assigned: 2012/10/25
Due: 2012/11/14 11:59pm

project #3: environment lights

Assigned: 2012/11/22
Due: 2012/12/12 11:59pm

final project

Assigned: 2012/12/17
Due: 2013/1/18 11:59pm