Computer Organization and Assembly Languages, Fall 2012


This course is about computer organization and assembly languages. You might wonder why learning assembly languages in a modern world. After all, who will write assembly programs these days. Actually, people still write assembly for faster codes (compiler is not as smart as men yet), smaller codes (for devices with limited amount of memory such as mobile devices) and specific architectures (in which there are not even compilers, for example, early GPUs). With these in mind, in addition to the fundamentals about assembly programming, this course emphasizes on code optimization techniques on writing fast and small codes for specific architectures.

Recent updates

December 27, 2012final project is assigned. It will be due on 1/21.
December 6, 2012Slides for Intel are posted.
November 28, 2012assignment #3 is assigned.
November 6, 2012Slides for ARM are posted.
October 18, 2012assignment #2 is assigned.
October 3, 2012The midterm quiz has been scheduled on 10/31!
October 4, 2012Assignment #1 is assigned and online. The due date is 10/17.
September 19, 2012Slides for TOY are posted.
September 12, 2012Slides for the first lecture are posted.
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