Numerical Methods

Course Outline

We will particularly focus on numerical linear algebra.


Once every two weeks. Please write your homework/reports in English. For late homework, the score will be exponentially decreased. See FAQ about how to submit your homework.


You can bring notes (and other printed materials). Electronic devices are not allowed.

For each exam, only materials after the previous exam are covered. They may not be exactly the same as the previous years due to the teaching schedule.

Sorry that the 2nd midterm is a bit late, but this is due to my conference schedule.

For midterms, discussions will be in the following week. The discussion for the final exam will be at 12pm on June 29 Fri (room 101).


30% homework, 70% Exam or 25% homework, 75% Exam (tentative)

Some (usually 10%) may fail if they don't work hard.


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