New settings this year

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We used blackboard before but change to use slides in this semester. The reason is not because slides are better. It is because I can no longer stand and write things for three hours

Therefore, although our slides are based on my past notes, in a sense they are newly developed. Some errors may exist and room for improvements is definitely possible. We decide to make Latex sources of all slides publicly available at github; see the address here. You are welcome to file a pull request for improving our slides. For example, if you think one figure that I drew is ugly, you can create a more beautiful one.

Further, we will pre-record all lectures and broadcast them in the class. Some reasons for doing so.

By our design, each video clip will cover no more than 15 slides. Thus if slides are updated, a new lecture can be recorded. In the class I will give additional comments while the video is being played.

With these new settings, further adjustments are possible. We like to do new experiments and are willing to try some creative ways to improve this course.

Please contact Chih-Jen Lin for any question.