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Q: How do I enroll the course?

Send an email to the TA email, and we will send back the enrollment code to you.

Q: How do I submit my homework?

Submit to Gradescope. If you write your homework by hand, please scan them or take photos, and the submission should be PDF or PNG files. Please make sure your writing can be recognized by the TAs, otherwise you may get zero points. For more submission details, please refer to the descriptions on the Gradescope page.

Q: How do I register on Gradescope?

TAs will invite you via your ntu email on 9/20, and please use your student ID as your account. If you do not recieve the invited email, please contact TAs as soon as possible.

Q: I always type my homework. Will I get better HW scores?

No. As long as you write things clearly by hand, you should get the same scores.

Q: What's the formula to calculate your grade?

Depending on your performance, we decide the distribution of your grades. That is, how many get A+ and how many get F-. Then, we calculate raw scores, obtain a ranking of students, and assign their grades.

So there is no direct relationship between your raw score and your grade. It is possible that your raw score is 99, but you get F-.

Q: This course is taught in English. What if I write my homework/exam answers in Chinese?

You don't get any credit.

Q: May I use pencil for writing my exam answers?


Q: May I use the 1st/2nd editions of the textbook?

Yes. But you are responsible to find HW questions and get any new materials covered in the edition we are using.

Q: Who will grade my HW?


Q: If I have questions about the grading of my HW, whom should I contact?


Q: Who will grade exams?

I will do it.

Q: Will materials before the previous exam be covered for the current one?

No, only materials after the previous exam are considered.

Q: For one exam question, you are asked to give a proof. Will I get partial credits if I don't finish the whole proof.

It depends. But in general not. A proof is a proof. Otherwise everybody can claim that he/she proves NP = P (or NP != P). You will learn this NP=P issue in this course, which may be the greatest unsolved computer science problem.

Q: May I bring the textbook to the exam?

Yes, but ONLY textbook and notes. You cannot bring any other books.

Q: With the above FAQ, the teacher still gets 10 mails asking what can/cannot bring in the exam. What will he think?

One or two are ok. But 10 will make him feel sad. Please try to check FAQ or the course web page before sending me a mail. Everyday I have too many mails.

Q: When will we discuss exam questions?

The week after the midterm exam (during the regular lecture time).

For the final exam, the discussion time will be posted on the course web page.

Q: In the lecture, the teacher mentions something not in the textbook. The same materials appear in the exam. Some argue that they missed the lecture as they were sick. Hence they hope to get credits of that exam question. What will the teacher think?

Well, shouldn't you borrow lecture notes from someone?

Q: My final grade is D+. May the teacher kindly change it to C-?

No. I have never done that.

Sending me a mail is useless, so don't waste your time.

Please contact Chih-Jen Lin for any question.