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  Communication and Multimedia Labratory,
  Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering
  National Taiwan University,
  Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.

  Introduction to Computer Science Fall 2016
  Performance Evaluation of Computer and Communication Systems Spring 2021
  Computer Networks Fall 2019
  Distributed Machine Learning System Spring 2020

  Research Interests
  Multimedia (Healthcare) Information Systems
  Distrinuted Machine Learning Systems
  Mobile Edge Computing and SDN
  Performance Evaluation Theory
  Research Projects
  Streaming System (across WAN or Wireless Networks): QoS guarantee and DiffServ
  Data Collection and Dissemination over Internet
  Mobile Ad Hoc Networks: QoS routing and Security
  Wireless Sensor Networks: Topology control,Energy-efficient Routing, Power Management and Fault Tolerance
  Location-aware Computing
  Technical Material
  Address and Phone
  Room 517, CSIE Buliding, #1 Roosevelt Rd. Sec.4, Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.
  Phone: 886-2-2362-5336 ext 517
  Office: Room 517
  Email: ccf [at] csie.ntu.edu.tw  
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