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UVa Unauthorized Fix

When you are using the new website of UVa Online Judge, which is so-called ACM Online Judge, and you want to go to the problem description from the My Submission page, or you want to see other's solved list, you will only get:

You are not authorised to view this resource.

It was quite inconvenient. After, a little try and error, I find out that the reason is that Itemid argument is not passed by some link. If you add "&Itemid=8" to the URL, you will be able to read those pages. Because I am a LAZY person, and I hope to fix the link by clicking the bookmark. So I wrote this bookmarklet.

After adding this bookmarklet to your browser, you can use this bookmarklet when you wants to click the link at My Submissions, My Statistics, and Site Statistics.

Bookmarklet: UVa Unauthorized Fix

UVa Read Problem Description

This bookmarklet helps you to read the problem description without going through the Browse Problem pages. After clicking this script, you can enter a Problem ID, and this bookmarklet will open a window/tab, depending on the behavior of your browser, and shows the description.

Bookmarklet: UVa Read Problem Description


If you are interested in the script, and you hope to modify the code, you can download this human readable version.


Update the bookmarklet so we can use them in the new website url (uva.onlinejudge.org).
Update the ``UVa Unauthorized Fix'' script, so when you see a the unauthorized notice page, you can go to the correct page by clicking this bookmarklet.
Update the ``UVa Unauthorized Fix'' script, so it won't break some link. And I have added a check, ensure only UVa Online Judge website will be affected by this bookmarklet.
Initial release

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