My Course Schedule

This is my course schedule at NTU CSIE at 2009 Spring. If you want to find me, just check the classroom where I am taking the course. Usually, I will be in the classroom.

  Mon. Tue. Wed. Thu. Fri.
1 Service English     Military
2 OOP English     Military
3 OOP P.E. Physics   Physics
4 OOP P.E. Physics   Physics
- Break
5     Calculus   Calculus
6 Chinese Info System Principle Calculus   Calculus
7 Chinese Info System Principle ACP English Algorithm
8 Chinese Info System Principle ACP English Algorithm
9 Calculus (TA)       Algorithm

FYI, here is my 2008 Autumn Schedule.

My Projects

There are several projects I am working on.

My Creations

UVa Bookmarklet
Feeling the new website of UVa Online Judge is not good enough? You see the unauthorized message, even when you click on the link to the problem description page? You want to jump to problem page quickly without browsing problems index page?
Random Password Generator
A simple random password generator written in Python3. If you don't know what password you want to set, then give it a try. I have put it in public domain and completely opened the source.

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About Me

I'm Logan Chien (簡子翔 Tzh-hsiang Chien). Currently, I am a freshman at NTU CSIE department. You may contact me via emails. My email address is TzuHsiang dot Chien at gmail dot com.

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