Computer Network Laboratory    Group 5

























˙Comments and Feedbacks.


             This is really a long laboratory. The aids this class gave us is relatively insufficient. Even the TA had not succeeded. All we can do was browsing the Internet for help. But the Information on Internet was quite unstructured. Some people posted their experiences and guidelines. But their environment was not same with ours. The problems occurred frequently.


       What else made this laboratory hard was the consumption of time. Compiling kernel needed a lot of time. What's more, compiling kernel was prone to err. And we had to wait for compiling many hours to find out the outcomes.


       It  was a pity that we had not finished this laboratory. But we had tried our best to finish the two main router nodes. Only the mobile node was not finished. All of us were completely exhausted. Now, We think it is time to take a rest. :)