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Wing Commander

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Message from Colonel Aubrey "SwiftHeart" Chen, aboard the TCS-40 Victory:

Welcome aboard, comrade!

The TCS-40 Victory has been retired since the end of the great Kilrathi War. Please transport yourself to a carrier in service via one of our jump-capable shuttles.

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"Wing Commander, first released in 1990 by Origin Systems, is a simulation-style action game interwoven with a cinematic storyline set in the 27th century. It does not attempt to model real-world physics with a completely accurate simulation of space flight, but concentrates instead on providing a fun, intense, first-person space dogfighting experience. Several things distinguished it from other games upon its initial release: the graphics, music, and sound were all revolutionary, surpassing most (if not all) other competing products in the industry at the time. The storyline, of which a short segment unraveled after each mission the player flew, had many plot devices rarely used before in a computer game of its type: character development, interpersonal conflict, ethics, and more. To date, the series has sold a total of over 3 million units worldwide." -- excerpt from WC3 FAQ, by James Hogan

Chris Roberts is the mastermind behind the WC series. After the release of Wing Commander IV, Roberts left Origin to start his own company Digital Anvil. Although all future WC titles will still be produced and distributed by Origin/EA, Roberts will continue to work closely with the Origin team to ensure they adhere to his original vision. In fact, the recent WC movie was directed by Roberts.

It has been a long time since I last did anything for the WC universe (other than buying and playing them as fast as they are released by Origin ;). So guilty do I feel that a tiny voice inside me recently started to bug me it is time I returned to work on the tiny tribute to one of my favourite computer game series of all time. And it just so happens that I have a topic in mind. You see, I was going through all my WC novels the other day, and when I got to the fourth novel, The Heart of the Tiger, I was "inspired" (once again) to create a timeline inconsistency list for it. Why? you ask. Because it was THAT bad. ;) In any case, here it is. Feel free to e-mail me any inconsistencies you find and I will add it to the list and give you credit.

Below are the documents and programs I have written for WC:

Here are some of the WC websites I had the pleasure of visiting on my spare time: