SITE UPDATES (12/1/2000)
Magical Girl Pretty Samy 3: Super Kiss

Aubrey: Recently it has come to our attention that a lot of our material is being taken from our website for use in other people's sites (thanks, Gundam50! ^^) Everything on our website is an accumulation of years of hard work and purchase. All the information was translated from video/mooks we own or gathered from the Tenchi Muyo mailing list. When you borrow material from other people's website it is traditionally considered polite to secure permission beforehand and/or acknowledge the source afterwards. At the very least, you should include an obligatory link in your link page to ours, without having us to view your material and request for a link. Lots of anime sites carry the infamous tagline "Many material are borrowed from other sites. If the owner doesn't like this, e-mail me and appropriate action will be taken." IMHO, this is just a way of shirking one's responsibility and shifting it back to the owner. Why should the owner of the site whose information you borrowed be required to contact you? The ironic thing is, these sites usually carry another tagline right beneath that very line: "You may borrow anything you find on this website, except those that are made by me!"

Need I say more? ^^b

Sasami-chan: Coki of the infamous Chibi's Oasis has kindly made us a cute looking standard-sized animated logo for our site, as shown above. At last, you have an alternative to the ugly logo pair we have on display in the Credits Section! Thanks, Coki! We strongly encourage Sailor Moon fans to pay a visit to Coki's award-winning website (if you haven't already :).

On a similar vein, many thanks to Maiaka Misaki for giving us her very special award. :)

Once again, we are looking for volunteers who are willing to write the character bios for the supporting cast (again, the last two people fail to come through). If you wish to help complete our bios for us, please mail us.

1. A few of our loyal visitors have written us advising us to add MP3 files to the TMiL Media Archive. For those of you who think this is a good idea, we are sorry to say, besides the files currently residing in the Media Archives, we will not be adding any new files in the future. The main reason is that we do not have the resources necessary to undertake such a project (time, P133, etc.). However, if any of you wish to contribute to the archive by providing us with your own recordings, we will be happy to do so. E-mail us at for more information on this.

2. We welcome anyone who wishes to help us build an even better Tenchi pages to contact us. If you have a two-cents you wish to get off your chest or have a specific idea in mind on how to make our website better, please send it to All constructive criticism, suggestions, and commentaries will be read and owners of any ideas adopted by us will be given appropriate credits in the Credits section. If you would have a specific section you would like to help us with, please mention this in your e-mail as well.

On a related note, several people have approached us and offered us their assistance in creating other forms of these pages during our long period of hybernation. Understandably, a majority of these individuals are never heard from again, as real life issues must take priorities over hobby-related ones. However, it is our hope that in the future those whose schedules are already jampacked to the limit carefully weigh their options before contacting us about helping us.

Hmm... that is all the issues we can think of at the moment.

Enjoy the new look.


  • The Achika Shrine
    Achika -- the beautiful mother of Tenchi, a woman with a mysterious past... Who was she? How did she die? The answers are about to be revealed...
  • Aeka's 'S' Shrine
    Come and take a glimpse into Aeka's secret lifestyle... if you dare.
  • Marugoto Aeka (NEW!)
    Aeka and her faithful court magician RadHaz are here to weave new and fascinating spells into your life. With a royal combination this perfect, how could you possibly go wrong? Features rare information on Tenchi that can not be found anywhere else!
  • The Official A.I.C. Homepage
    AIC is the company responsible for great anime like Ah! My Goddess and Tenchi Muyo! Enough said.
  • Anime Web Turnpike
    Arguably the best English anime link website on the Internet.
  • Galaxy Police Network Terminal
    Check out what top-secret info the GP Headquarter has on many of the Masaki household residents and their relatives, friends and enemies.
  • Galaxy Police The 2nd Network
    In order to avoid a repeated performance of the KAIN incident, GP has constructed a second network to maintain their current databases and act as an independent operation center.
  • Gensao's Tenchi Muyo Page
    Gensao's page has THE largest Tenchi Muyo! fan fiction archive anywhere on the net, period. So if you want a general information site that can provide you with fanfics to snack on during that short but meaningful lunch break of yours, head down to Gensao's place. You won't regret it.
  • Shrine to GP Operative A
    ...and so it shall be recorded in history that Operative A underestimated Kain's power and his dying words were "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" May he rest in peace.
    You think so?
    NOT!!! Well at least not completely so...
  • Jurai's Royal Court on Earth
    Come and hail the most powerful empire in the universe: Jurai! Even if you are daunted by interstellar travel, you can find a collection of representatives of the Juraian royal family here right on Earth (among other powerful extraterrestrial beings) who can enlighten you more about the worlds of Tenchi Muyo!
  • Kagato's Cathedral
    Everyone's favourite arch-villain in the Tenchiverse invites you to pay a visit to his cathedral. What say you?
  • Kiyone Makibi's Spotlight (back on-line!)
    Have had just about enough of the wacky Tenchi characters? Then let Kiyone guide you back to reality with her common sense and humanistic reactions.
  • Marriage Prospects
    What's your chance at scoring eternal happiness with one of the Tenchi girls (or other Anime characters)? Come here to find out.
  • The Mihoshi Kuramitsu Shrine
    A shrine dedicated to Mihoshi? Now why didn't anyone else think of this before? Surely good fortune is contagious!
  • The Misc. Tenchi Page (back on-line!)
    Amazing Tenchi animations and pix await you at this wonderfully crafted site... a MUST SEE.
  • Ryo-ohki's Carrot Dreamland!
    Don't like veggies? Let Ryo-ohki show you something that's good for you AND your taste buds!
  • Ryoko and Aeka's Shrine of Love
    Let Leo Sutic reveal to you the truth behind Ryoko and Aeka's forbidden romance...
  • Ryoko's Cave
    A sacred site dedicated to Ryoko, currently the most popular Tenchi girl on the Web! Come and worship our queen!
  • Sasami-kyo Okayama Headquarter (Japanese)
    One of the biggest and cutest Sasami-chan sites you'd ever run across in your lifetime! Sure it's mostly in Japanese, but once you've taken a look at it, I doubt you'd mind picking up that pocket Japanese-English dictionary of yours!
  • The Sasami Shrine (LINK UPDATE!)
    Want to know everything there is to know about Sasami? Like to place a vote for your favourite character in the Tenchiverse? If so, hesitate no longer! Click that mouse button and prepare to be teleported to The Sasami Shrine!
  • Tenchi Muyo - Another Universe
    "Welcome to Tenchi Muyo - Another Universe, a site dedicated to the very best Tenchi Muyo fan fiction works, illustrated with dozens of original colour drawings and paintings," plus cool Tenchi games. Enjoy your stay.
  • Tenchi Muyo!: Data Bank
    An excellent page that specializes in the manga universe of Tenchi Muyo!
  • The Tenchi Muyo Home Page
    Information is something you won't find lacking on the Tenchi Muyo Home Page. Ready to earn yourself a PhD in Tenchi History?
  • Tenchi Muyo Links Around the World
    The official "jumpoint" to Tenchi sites all over the globe!
  • Tenchi Muyo! Manatsu no Eve
    Everyone has an opinion on the latest Tenchi fad. Here's one Tenchi fan's take on it.
  • Tatsumingo's Room (NEW!)
    I know, I know. After watching the two horrific TV series, you are dying to take some OVA sedative to get yourself back on the right track and wipe away those painful memories. This may just be the stuff you are looking for: authentic novels on the OVA universe written by Kajishima himself! ... Eh, why are you still here? ^^
  • Little Washu's "Cute" Home Page
    Mad scientist in need of an assistant. Send all resumes here. Undergraduates need not apply.
  • The Many Faces of Washu
    What? Can't get enough of Washu? What are you waiting for then?
  • Washu's Subspace Lab
    You can never get too much of the redhead goddess...
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