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WARNING: Before you click that Submit button, be aware that the TM! Mailing List may put up to 100+ pieces of mail in your mailbox each day. So don't subscribe to it if you don't think you can handle that kind of traffic.

Some rules:
  • no binary files or fanfictions are allowed.
  • no chain letters or warnings about viruses are allowed.
  • no support of piracy is allowed.
  • no replies to SPAM are allowed.
Anyone posting these will be removed from the ML.

Also the following domains are banned from the ML.

  • hotmail.com
  • microsoft.com

Now, if for some strange and uncomprehensible reason, you wish to depart from the wonderful and enchanting place that is the TM! Mailing List, here are the unsubscribing instructions:

Visit http://www.win.or.jp/~doi/ML/. For your own sake, don't send unsubscribing message(s) to the Mailing List itself. It will cause you no end of embarrassment. ^_^

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