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Pretty Samy says, "Jugeimu jugeimu gokouno surike, please sign in my cute little guestbook, okay? ^_-"

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Aubrey Chen (
Pretty Samy now has her own guestbook! Looking forward to hearing from fellow Samy fans! ^_^

Alyssand Mei-lin Choa (
Helo Guy, ^_^ It's so nice adding a voting page for Pretty Samy. I like it! Thank you!

josh hofius ()
I'm vary unhappy with this web site i couldnt get in a lot of places

Aubrey Kuang-Yu Chen (
To Josh, If you've read the CLEDSign on the main Tenchi page, you will realize that a server crash took place here at NTU last month, wiping out most of the pages. I have been busy repairing the Tenchi pages since then; I will get to the Pretty Samy section soon so please be patient. ^_^ BTW, the only inaccessible pages seem to be the Product Descriptions section, the other should work just as before. Let me know if you run into any specific problem. Thanks!

Princess Jupiter (
Yaaaayyyyyyyy! Pretty Samy is so cool! Huray!!!

Heiko ( Schöne Grüße aus Hannover/Germany.

Hannah (Usagi-chan) Malicki (
Um, Hey! Pretty Samy is awesome! ^_^

Sarney (
Pretty samy is the coolest! Forget sailor Moon! hehehe... just kidding! Great, finally a guestbook for Samy fans. YAY!!

Melissa Robinson (

Washu. (A.K.A Sheena) (
Wonderful page...I will have to see if I can find Pretty Samy at my tape store where I get my Anime. (Weird conicidence: I live in WA state and was born on the date given for Washu)

Angela Robinson (
Sasami and Tsunami are the best! Thanks for the page, but where's ryo-ohki?

Bane(Not real name duh) (
I haven't seen Pretty Sammy,but I love Tenchi Muyo. Your page looks realy good though.Bane

Magical Girl Angel Light (
Hi! Cool page. But I think what this page really needs is a fanfic page so everyone can send in their Pretty Sammy fanfics.

Aubrey Kuang-Yu Chen (
Ask and you shall receive! The fanfic section will be opened as soon as I receive the first fanfic! ^_-

Cheryl T. Jones (432w-zooo)
Keep it up!!! I love the drawing and the animed cartoon . And the charthers really have addtude. The comdey is very {4 times} funny ,the drama is really far out. I say it's better than sailormoon and oh my goddess.

John Mateo Lowrey (
This a cool place, I like the pics

Keroleen (
I'm a great fan of Sasami., or Pretty Samy. I love her so much. She's so cute !! Let's gather all the fans and have a discussion .

Makoto Mizuhara () THis is an anime voting page. Go here and cast your vote!!

Ryo-Ohki Wonder Cabbit! (
Samy's my best friend!only difference in pretty samy i'm a boy!how'd that happen! anyway i like pretty samy!spiffy ideas from spiffy people!

adri (
Hey I really like your page! I love Pretty Samy! I really like the lyrics section...but i was wondering if you know where i can get the japanese ones (with pronunciation and a translation thing maybe...) Well i'll be back to visit soon! Byebye now!

menghsin cindy horng (

armagedon (llamame)

Joseph McIlvenny (
Pretty Sammy is the cutest person in the Universe!!!

Timothy Alan Weaver (
Host some fan fiction about Pretty Samy if you are sent any.

Aubrey Kuang-Yu Chen (
I am serious about this, any takers for a Pretty Samy fan-fiction? So far, I haven't received any. ^^;;;

Bobby Hansen (
Pretty Sammy is the girl!

Daniel Wong ()
Secret message to Sasami-I love you!!!

Jameson Smith (
"FUNKY! FUNKY!" - Pretty Samy 3. That about descibes this site. Unlike many sites this one is helpful, keep up the good work! Samy is my favorite!

poumin (
Ohiyo..! Sawatdee..! Hello..! If you Love Sasami or Tenchimuyo Mail to me..I'm promiss mail back to you...Bye...^_-- ...

George Toms (
Yo what's little Samy Just thought I would take a look at your little guest book!

yo duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuudes(AKA nessie) (
good site,but I was a bit disapointed by the charactor files. Can sombody please send me a detailed story to the Pretty samm series and about the characters? I do watch the tenchi series but this Pretty sammy is so new and confusing for me! Id really appreiciate it! thanx!

Taylor (
Kawaii, kawaii, kawaii! I luv Pretty Samy! Sasami-Chan rules! :D I liked the page! Keep it up! Pretty Samy, Ja-Ne! -Taylor ^_^

Pretty Sammy, My friend Brett and I are HUGE fans of you. I know you are really Sasami, but I still like you. Brett is in love with you. I 1st saw you in "Here Comes Ayeka!" and liked you. Then I saw you in the Mihoshi special and you were Pretty Sammy. Please write back. I would appreciate it. Chris

ShampooCat (
Sasami is the cutest! She's definitely my favorite character from Tenchi! Nice page! :)

Ursula Badenhorst (
hello...... this is a really funky site and i love sasami but the only thing is that i couldn/t find any nice pictures of her!!!!(or rather what i like.:)...)

Krystal ()
This is the cutest page on the "Tenchi gang" I ever have seen. I really wish I had one so I could give you a big fat spot on my webpage that says to come to this site. :) Lots of Love, Anime Spice AKA Krystal

Frost (
Nice place

Pretty Samy (
PrettySamy(thats me)says I love your site!some people don't like me,wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Butsuno Shoku (
Pretty Sammy is my fav next to Hayao Miyazaki's work, Dragon Ball Z, Tenchi Muyo, Sailor Moon, Robotech, and Pokemon. PRETTY MUTATION!!! I only have one video, but it's okay, I have web pages like this. I really like your page.

Serena O'Connor ()
Im sorry but i dont like them at all so bye

Ami (
VEARY nice page

andrew conneely (
hey do you know how to get the pretty sami musicbox you know with all the music videos on it ? write back please

Missy Wells (
This is definetly one of the most complex sites dedicated to just one anime that I have seen. Keep up all the great work and tell your friends! ;)

Hikari (Sailor_Origami)
Pretty Samy is awsome but I like Magical Project S.

ayumi (
I love pretty sammy and I think this web site is very interesting and beautiful

John Buzby (
Pretty Samy Rocks

Nihmise Stella Vageah (
Hi Im a very big fan of Tenchi Muyo and Magical Girl Pretty Sammy, but Iv only seen part of the Tenchi Muyo in love Movie,what do you think its rated.I heard a few swears but thats all.Im 13,could I watch the series?:)

Linda Wu (
Tenchi Muyo is a really cool animation. I love evrey thing about it.Expecially the animation. It's great!_!